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Construction Companies Doing Business
with Lien Software is the Future

Many construction business owners handle the lien process manually by doing the research, printing out the forms, and mailing them out themselves. While this is the way it has always been done before the innovation of lien software, it is not necessarily the most efficient way of doing things.

With lien software, you no longer have to track the status of your documents or know when every notice needs to be filed. Doing the lien process manually can result in missed deadlines causing companies to ultimately lose their lien rights. Luckily, there are automated software systems that can handle the process for you. In this post, we will go over how lien software is changing the construction industry and enabling companies to file their liens more efficiently and get paid promptly.

What is Lien Software?

Lien software assists construction businesses in collecting payments by ensuring that they send the correct paperwork to protect their mechanics liens rights. When it comes to getting paid, all preliminary notices and notice of intent letters must be sent on time. Filing the necessary lien rights paperwork allows for contractors to collect the money they deserve from project owners who failed to pay.

The introduction of lien software has largely helped to automate this process. Oftentimes, contractors who file liens manually miss deadlines. Lien software ensures that notices are sent on time and can save companies a lot of stress and money in the process.

Lien Software Advantages

The main advantages of lien software are integration, automation, accessibility, and tracking.

Integration refers to lien software’s ability to integrate with accounting software so that vendor names, addresses, and invoice amounts are combined into one system.

When it comes to automation, lien software allows you to process notices automatically while also reminding you when they are due. The software allows you to send a notice in one click making it fast and easy ensuring that you won’t miss notice deadlines as well as maintain your ability to file liens on any project.

If you own a large construction business, you most likely have multiple team members who help manage accounts receivables and lien rights. Having a centralized system is crucial to make sure everyone knows what’s going on. Cloud-based software makes it so that everyone knows what is happening in real-time and makes it easy for your team to access their lien documents from wherever they are.

Lien software helps you better track when notices were sent and when lien waivers were signed. It can also help you see which notices have been paid. Having a good system that can keep track of all of this data is essential for all construction businesses and lien software makes the process organized and simple, allowing for all of that information to be available at a click of a button.


Overall, it is undeniable that lien software is a must for all construction businesses. When it comes to getting paid, you know how difficult it can be to collect for certain projects. Having an automated system that can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you can ensure that you maintain your lien rights and can help you track the entire mechanics lien process seamlessly and efficiently.

Now that we’ve gone over how lien software is the future of the construction industry, we hope you can use this information to upgrade your mechanics lien filing process. If you require lien collection and notice services, consider contacting the professionals at Nationwide Notice. With years of experience serving contractors and construction businesses, our team of dedicated experts can help you get paid the money you deserve. Nationwide Notice puts you in complete control of your noticing and receivables, along with access to state specific lien law and claim updates, and more. To learn more about how we can help with general contractor payments, construction companies, construction payment, lien release, or change order forms, we can help. Learn more about Nationwide Notice here or find our services page here. Check out our website to learn how to get started today.

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