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Construction Costs and the COVID-19 Pandemic ‐ Cost Inflation

COVID-19 affected the world in countless ways. It changed the way people work and how businesses run, how people interact with one another, and how big projects get done. Everyone is still feeling the effects of the pandemic, too. Even today, a lot of businesses, including construction companies, are feeling serious financial challenges because of the pandemic.
Different stages of the pandemic, of course, brought with them different challenges. At first, it was difficult for companies that weren't able to work to continue paying their employees and ensure their businesses stayed open. Fortunately, there were some government programs that helps a lot of businesses reduce their financial issues during the height of the pandemic.

Costs Are High

However, that doesn't mean that things are back to normal. There is still a huge issue causing problems for a large number of businesses in the field and that is the cost of construction materials. Inflation will always cause the cost of construction materials and just about everything else to rise. This is true whether there is a pandemic or not. However, the inflation the country has undergone recently is different from the norm, and it has greatly affected the cost of construction.

Why is this still the case? You have to remember that COVID-19 didn't just affect the United States. It affected and continues to affect the entire world. Much of the construction industry in the country rely on materials brought in from foreign countries. Just as there were problems in the United States over the past couple of years, there were also major issues in those other countries that provide much of the supply for U.S. construction materials.

Due to the delays and closures of those foreign facilities, the supply of materials dropped in the United States and became more expensive. This coupled with inflation has continued to elevate the cost of many construction supplies.

Construction businesses have been heavily affected for a couple of reasons. During the first part of the pandemic, many construction companies bid low, so they could stay in business. The increased costs of materials deflated much of the profit for a lot of projects. Some companies have even taken on losses because of this.

Despite the increase in material costs, which weren't anticipated when contracts were originally signed, it's nearly impossible to revisit a contract and increase the price. A lot of companies are now trying to deal with those unforeseen costs and rising construction prices.

Hindsight is 20/20

It's easy to say that companies should've been prepared for something like this to happen. However, the pandemic was not something most people saw coming, and in the beginning, few realized just what a large and lasting impact it would have across industries. We will still be feeling the ripple effects for years to come. However, it does serve as an important lesson. Going forward, companies need to be sure they have some sort of contingency plan that can help them prepare for these types of issues.

There isn't a business or household anywhere that has not been impacted by rising prices of materials, but both consumers and business owners have been adapting as needed. As long as all pricing negotiations are communicated clearly in your contracts, you should have no issue accommodating fluctuations in your cost of materials. Want to learn more? Nationwide Notice, Inc is here to help.

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