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FAQs - Notice of Intent to Lien in Construction

Do you have a question about Notice of Intent (NOI) to lien in construction? Or have you received one, and would like to understand what this letter is detailing? Then this article is for you.

Our experts at Nationwide Notice have gathered together a few questions that are commonly asked about NOI and liens in construction and have answered them.

What is a Notice of Intent to Lien?

A notice of intent to lien is not a lien. Rather it is an official notice that you can send to a client that has payment withstanding that they seem to have no intention of fulfilling. This notice tells the client that there has been an issue with their payment and that if they don’t settle this problem, you will file a lien against them.

Am I Required to Send an NOI to Lien?

Yes and no. An NOI is only required in certain states to protect your lien rights. Currently, an NOI is only required in Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Louisiana, Missouri, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

However, if an NOI is not required in your state, it can still be a great tool and we recommend you send one anyway.

What Should I Send an NOI?

An NOI to Lien is like sending a demand letter to a debtor except that it demands higher levels of attention because it ties directly to the potential lien.

Most property owners would like to avoid having a lien placed on them, and so they will take an NOI more seriously. This helps ensure that you get paid for your services.

In fact, sending an NOI can be a great way to avoid additional legal fees for both parties, as often they spur payment without any further legal action.

When a survey by Construction Enquirer reveals that over 50% of construction businesses have had to resort to legal action to get their payments, an NOI can be the leverage you need to avoid those circumstances.

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When Should I Send an NOI to Lien?

This can vary by state if there are limitations on when liens themselves can be filed. In most cases, an NOI should be sent after a preliminary notice has been sent to the debtor but before you officially file a lien against this former client.

Will an NOI Help Me?

More than likely, yes. Sending an NOI can help put the necessary pressure on a debtor, finally getting them to pay without further legal action. However, sometimes a former client may not respond, and you’ll still have to pursue more legal action to get your payment.

Getting Help

If you need to file an NOI, then Nationwide Notice can help. We understand the ins and outs of mechanic’s liens all across the nation and have teams of experts waiting to help you with your notice!

Don’t risk losing your right to file a lien against an unpaying client and get in contact with us to ensure you’re getting the payment you deserve. Nationwide Notice assists construction companies to protect their receivables and get lien released based on the laws in their state. We help construction companies to secure their lien rights, no matter what size. You can find our full list of services on our website to learn more about how we can assist you.

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