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Florida Contract Licensing - The Basic Requirements and Rules

Florida, like all states, has its processes for contractor licensing and certification. The state requires contractors to hold a Florida Contractor License to serve as a guarantee that they are qualified to do the work and that they have the necessary insurance and licensing in place. This licensing has to be renewed, as well, so it's important to understand the process.

The actual paperwork and steps involved can take some time and effort, but the outcome will be a license that allows you to do business in the state. There are several different types of contractor licenses available in Florida, including specialty licenses, licenses that dictate where contractors can work, and more.

Types of Florida Contractor Licenses

Certification and registration licenses are the two types that are available in Florida:

1. Certification licenses permit contractors to work anywhere within the state.
2. Registration licenses permit contractors to work in specific counties and/or cities.

Within these two categories, there are also several specific types of licenses available, including those for general contracting, as well as:
* Building
* Residential
* Commercial
* Sheet metal
* Roofing
* Mechanical
* Pool/Spa
* Plumbing
* Solar
* Underground Utility/Excavation
* And others
Some local and county governments may also have requirements for specialty licenses. The information for this can be found on local city or county government websites or by searching "____ Contractor Licensing Florida" on a search engine.

Requirements for Getting a Florida Contractor's License

To qualify for this license, you will need to prove that you are over the age of 18 and that you have a Social Security number or taxpayer identification number (TIN). You also need a formally registered business, such as an LLC, corporation, or partnership. Then, contractors will be required to take and pass the Florida Contractor License exam or obtain a Certificate of Competency for other training that has been given.

Other requirements include:
* Financial stability (and proof of it)
* Proof of insurance, including workers' compensation coverage
* Surety bonds for low credit scores

Contractors can submit all the information required, along with a completed application, and mail it to the Division of Professions: Division of Professions
Construction Industry Licensing Board
2601 Blair Stone Road
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0791

Once the paperwork has been received and the application has been processed, it will either be approved or denied. The cost for a license or renewal will depend on what type of business you have. There are also fees for those who didn't register or renew in time, which can drive costs up by hundreds of dollars.

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