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How to Get Paid in Construction on Time Every Time

One of the most critical parts of being successful in the construction industry is being paid on time. However, this can also be a major challenge. Clients don't always want to pay on your schedule, especially if they aren't used to working with companies in the construction sector. That doesn't mean you have no options, though.

We've compiled a set of tips designed to help you get paid on time every single time you take on a job. Use these tips to streamline your payment process and make sure you aren't sitting around waiting for late payments.

Provide a Payment Schedule

Before you take on a project, build a payment schedule. You want this sent out before any labor, effort, or time is invested into the project. In the payment schedule, you want to outline when payments are due and what amount is owed. This helps you (and your clients) stay organized and can make it easier to be paid on time.

Regularly Communicate

It's essential to communicate well when you want to be sure your payments come in. Clearly communicate the process when you share the payment schedule with a client. However, you also want to check in from time to time. This is an excellent way to be sure they understand when payments are due.

Follow Up as Needed

If a payment is late, don't let it slip through the cracks. You should always follow up with the client. This can be as simple as making a short call or sending a polite email letting them know that their payment is overdue.

Utilize Construction Contracts

Construction contracts can be used to protect your interests and make it more likely that clients pay you on time. Your contracts need to share all the details about the project. This includes when payments are scheduled and what the penalties are for being late on a payment.

Take Different Forms of Payments

Companies that take only one form of payment are likely to have more late payments than those who are versatile about how they are paid. Open up your options so it's easier for clients to pay their bills. Allowing credit cards, debit cards, checks, and more can help you get the payments you need on time and in full.

Final Thoughts

Making sure you're partnered with the right organizations can also help you ensure you're paid on time. At Nationwide Notice, Inc, we offer access to preliminary notice and lien services. We have a team of professional employees who can help you determine your lien rights and figure out how to receive the required payments on your schedule. Our professionals have years of experience dealing with missed payment notices, contracts, liens, and more.

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