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How to Protect Your Lien Rights as a Supplier
or Subcontractor in Florida

If you’re a supplier or subcontractor in Florida, you’ve probably experienced not getting paid for a project you finished months ago. This is by far one of the most frustrating parts of the construction industry.

If you weren’t paid as a result of not providing the necessary mechanics lien notices on time, you’re not alone. However, this can be avoided in the future by knowing how to protect your lien rights. In this post, we will provide an overview of how to protect both the lien rights of suppliers and subcontractors in Florida.

Preliminary Notice Requirements

In the state of Florida, all subcontractors must provide what is called a Notice to Owner (NTO) before filing a mechanics lien. These notices are demand letters requesting payment for unpaid labor and materials costs for a project and must be mailed within 45 days of the project start date.

Mechanics Lien Deadlines

Any mechanics liens in Florida need to be filed before 90 days from when the work was completed or from when the unpaid materials were provided. Once you’ve filed the lien you have 15 days to provide the owner with a copy of that lien.

Lien Enforcement Deadline

Any action to enforce a mechanics lien must be taken within one year of the lien being filed. It is important to note, though, that this timeframe can be shortened if the property owner decides to file a “Notice of Contest of Lien.” If the property owner contests the lien, then you have only 60 days to enforce the lien. At this point, the lien claimant can be served with a 20-day notice to show cause. If this happens, then the enforcement deadline will be further shortened to just 20 days after the notice.

It is also important to know that a mechanics lien can’t be extended in the state of Florida. If the deadline is missed, then the lien will disappear, making it unenforceable.


Now that you know the main deadlines for when to file notices on your mechanics liens in Florida, you’re in a better position to make sure that you get all the necessary paperwork sent in on time to protect your lien rights. However, navigating the process can often be confusing and difficult.

Luckily there is a lien and notice service company out there that can help you with any of your lien filing needs. That company is Nationwide Notice. With years of experience serving contractors and construction businesses, we have the resources and expertise to resolve any payment disputes you might have with a project owner.

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