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Challenges to Look Out for: Manual or In-House Process for Notices

While no one likes to send lien notices, it is often a fact of life when it comes to asserting your rights, ensuring payment, securing receivables, and more. Of course, the entire process of sending out notices can be difficult. Not only is this something that people don't like to do, but doing so correctly and effectively is not always easy. It can be especially frustrating when trying to handle everything manually or in-house.
While it might be possible, there are certainly some challenges you will be facing. Even if you have been doing this on your own for a long time, it doesn't mean handling the notices yourself is the best option. Below are some of the most common and prominent challenges you will want to watch for.

Missing or Incorrect Details

Naturally, you need to be sure you have accurate information when it comes to sending out notices. You have to make sure that all of the data is correct and that you are sending it to the correct people or companies at the right times. In some cases, a lot of research is involved to ensure the lien notices are correct. Even when you feel that you've done it all the right way, there is the potential that you could've missed something or used the wrong information.

This could lead to notices being sent to incorrect addresses or the wrong people, for example.

Missed Deadlines

One of the other issues that often come up with creating and sending notices is missing deadlines. This tends to be a problem for those who have multiple deadlines for various projects and purposes. Trying to keep track of everything without a good and easy-to-use platform is difficult even when there are fewer elements to track.

Wasted Time and Money

This is likely one of the biggest challenges you will face, and also the one that helps to get most people to look for better ways to deal with notices. Consider how much time you and your team spend on the notice process. While sending out one or two notices might not be a problem, when you have many of them that need to be handled, it's a bit more of an issue.

Not only will information, notices, and more potentially be lost, but you could end up spending countless hours trying to get everything handled. Wouldn't that time be better spent elsewhere in your company? Instead of having in-house employees handle the notices, there are better options available.

Protect Your Lien Rights with Nationwide Notice, Inc.

These are some of the biggest challenges you and your team are likely to face when you are handling lien notices manually and with an in-house team. The better option is to work with a better platform or third party that can handle the work for you. This will take away all of that frustration and wasted time, but it ensures that all of the notices are sent on time.

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