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Missouri Contract Licensing ‐ Basic Requirements and Rules

For anyone considering getting their contractor license, it's essential to know what the rules are in the state they're in. Regulations can differ from one state to another and even one city from another. For example, some requirements in St. Louis differ from those in Kansas City.

If you're in Missouri, it helps to research the requirements in your state before starting the process of gaining your license.

Requirements in Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City follows the Missouri general contractor licensing requirements for those looking to become licensed in their city. All applicants must meet the following criteria:
* Be 21 or older
* Have either a high school diploma or a GED
* Be able to show evidence of experience and skills
* Name a supervisor who must then pass an exam accredited by either Prometric or ICC
* Have a business registered with the Missouri Secretary of State
* Have general liability insurance in place
* Have workers' compensation insurance
* Fill out the application completely and sign it
* Pay all licensing and application fees

Anyone looking to apply for a contractor license in Kansas City must submit their application to the city's Planning and Development ‐ Developmental Services department for review.

Requirements in St. Louis, Missouri

The rules in place in St. Louis differ from those in Kansas City and many other areas of the state. You may have your contractor license in another area of the state, but to do work in St. Louis, you must complete all the following steps:
* Register for a state sales tax number ‐ done through the Missouri Department of Revenue
* Get a Graduated Business License application ‐ These can be obtained at the License Collector's office or downloaded online
* Earn clearance from the Collector of Revenue's Office that shows compliance with the city's Ordinance.
* Get an Occupancy Permit from the Building Division
* Provide proof of workers' compensation insurance
* Complete the Contractor Business License Application
* Pay all application and licensing fees
* Give the address for your project
* Provide information on the building's owner, occupants, architect, and general contractor
* Submit the following paperwork:
  • Five sets of professionally prepared, signed, and dated construction drawings
  • Two sets of project specifications, structural calculations, and geotechnical soil reports
  • One set of site photos

The Cost of Contractor Licensing in Missouri

As stated above, there are fees involved in obtaining your contractor license in Missouri. In Kansas City, you'll need to pay $55 for the application fee and another $167 to have the license issued. This issuing fee must be paid once every four years to keep your license valid.

In St. Louis, you'll need to pay a building fee determined by the estimated construction cost. You will also have to pay a building permit fee, which is set at $25.

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