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Post-Pandemic Construction Project Delays and Cancelations

COVID-19 might've reared its head in 2020, but we can all agree that its effects continue to be felt. It is likely that we will be dealing with the repercussions for years to come. Individuals and businesses alike are still feeling the sting of COVID. The construction industry has been dealing with a range of issues related to the pandemic that has affected business.

What Is Causing the Delays and Cancelations?

A lot of projects have been pushed back over the last couple of years. Others have been canceled outright. What's causing these issues? During the height of the pandemic, just about all projects ended up being delayed. It was too dangerous to continue operating, and there were restrictions in place on what could and couldn't be done in terms of work. However, we are still dealing with delays for several reasons. Let's look at three of the biggest reasons below.

The Supply Chain

The pandemic caused issues with the supply chains. Factories around the world had to close down during the height of COVID. This pushed back the manufacturing and delivery of materials needed for construction. Many of those factories are still trying to get production back to normal. This, coupled with the rise of inflation, has made getting materials more difficult and costly, which is also causing some delays.

Labor Shortages

In addition to issues with the supply chain, it has become more difficult for some construction companies to fill out all of their roles. There is a labor shortage in construction and it's occurring for several reasons.
First, there is the pandemic. Many people who were in the field ended up getting out of it because there was simply no work. They went into other industries, and they haven't returned. Others decided to retire early, leaving an even greater hole in the field.
Another reason for the labor shortage is that young people aren't going into construction, at least not on the manual labor side of things. They are seeking other types of jobs and there are fewer and fewer people to fill those roles in construction. Naturally, the lack of labor will cause delays.

Companies Going Out of Business or Needing to Cut Back

Some companies who were thinking about expanding and growing their businesses with new construction projects have changed their minds. The pandemic was enough to make most businesses take a step back and rethink how they are spending their money. This has led to some companies cutting back on projects and canceling them. Other companies have gone out of business and simply can't go through with their projects.

As you can see, there are issues on both sides of the fence‐the construction companies and those who hire them‐when it comes to delays. A lot of larger projects can take years to complete at the best of times. The pandemic has pushed things back further, and it will still be a few years before things start to get back to normal.

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