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Protecting Your Receivables with an Automated Process

Construction and service companies often operate by having part of their projects on credit. Extending credit to clients for completed jobs results in an owed amount known as accounts receivable. However, it's not always simple to get all those bills paid. Understanding how to protect your receivables is one way to bring peace of mind to the process.

Having an automated process (or a set of them) in place is a great starting point. Companies like Nationwide Notice, Inc. offer many automated practices to protect your company.


Spreadsheets hold information about customers and job information. Adding branches allows an automatic determination of the right signing agent. Nationwide provides sample spreadsheets that can be imported with appropriate business rules, such as do not notice list clients, duplication removal, etc.

CSV Flat Files

An automated CSV flat file export is created at certain time intervals. It's uploaded in a hold status or can be sent out depending on need. Custom scripts can be added as well as business rules. Reports can be emailed automatically, such as order completed reports or exception reports to help you make great business decisions.

Jobs System

Every day, you'll get an automated file about your receivables. The Job System checks the information and decides what jobs should be noticed based on the laws in your state. Other details can also be added to ensure your business rules are followed. Custom reports based on this information will be automatically sent out to save you time and stress.


Once you code your business rules, the Nationwide API transmits order information in real time. If desired, a middleware company can be used to route the data so there's a bridge between Nationwide Notice, Inc. servers and your servers. Custom reports and business rules can be included. The API also allows you to automate the creation of lien waivers for both vendors and customers.


Werksheets is available as field management utility software for Nationwide clients. It helps manage job workflows using scheduling, comments, imagery, and digital forms organized by customer and job.

Client and job information is stored off your servers and can be linked to automate construction notice reports. The software can also manage and automate job reports, job incident reports, and safety reports. The software can verify project information, validate job activity with photos and comments, and document project completion and progression.

Choose Nationwide Notice, Inc. for Your Automated Process Needs

Nationwide Notice Inc. assists with lien laws and other documents you're likely to run into in the construction industry. We offer a cost-effective tool to help you handle your collection problems, reduce your company's risk, and secure your accounts receivable. In addition, we offer five levels of automation to prevent errors and ensure things go smoothly.

The experienced staff at Nationwide Notice, Inc. will assist you in submitting and tracking the correct legal documents required by your state to protect your lien rights which is a valuable tool that aids with your receivables. Nationwide Notice, Inc. can partner with construction companies of all sizes, and strive to work with your contractors and sub-contractors by using existing lien laws as leverage to ensure payment, as well as secure their lien rights to get the money they deserve. Getting paid is essential for those in construction but it can also be a challenge. Our lien and notice services help you secure payments. Visit our website to learn more about what sets us apart or check out our wide variety of services.