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Switch to Lien Software to Protect Your Receivables

Today, a lot of construction companies are still processing liens and notices manually. This means they are handling the research, printing out all of the information and forms, and taking care of the mailing all on their own. While this may be feasible for some small businesses, it tends to be time-consuming and frustrating.

Sometimes, it even means that deadlines are missed, so companies could lose their lien rights. If that happens, they will have to rely on collection companies and lawsuits to ensure they get paid. This is going to cost the construction companies a lot of time and money, which they likely don't have.

Fortunately, there are better options available today. You can always opt to utilize lien software to help protect your receivables. Let's get a closer look.

Why Choose Lien Software?

Lien software is meant to help make the processes of filing notices and liens faster and simpler for you. Quality software can provide a range of advantages.

One of the biggest advantages of lien software will be automation, which will help to take a lot of the work out of your hands. You can set up the software to process notices automatically based on the conditions you have input into the application. This means you will no longer have to worry about potentially missing any deadlines.

In addition to automation, tracking is yet another benefit of the software. The software can easily keep track of when notices were sent, when lien waivers were signed, etc. This can let you better understand when payments have been received. It's always important to keep good track of this information, and the right software can handle it all for you.

You will also save time when you opt to use this type of software. Consider the amount of time you are already spending on notices, liens, and ensuring all of your payments have been received. It's probably taking up more time and energy than you would like to admit. By choosing to use this high-quality lien software, you can speed up the process and ensure you never miss any deadlines or payments.

Find the Right Software with Nationwide Notice, Inc.

In addition to lien software, you could also work with a third party that can help to take care of your notices and liens, to ensure your lien rights are always intact.

Of course, you also need to be sure that the software can integrate well with your current system. Ideally, it will connect and work with accounting software, which can reduce the amount of redundant work you would need to do, while also reducing potential errors.

A construction lien is a tool that helps to protect professionals in the construction industry from the risk of non-payment for work performed. Rules for filing a lien differ depending on the state where you operate. Utilizing lien software gives you more control over the lien filing process to protect your right to receive payment. For more information about how lien filing software can benefit you, contact Nationwide Notice, Inc. to discuss what we can do to help you protect your receivables.

As a full and self-service notice and lien company, our priority is to assist our clients to secure their payments. Nationwide Notice, Inc. can also assist construction companies by assisting with lien laws and related documents, based on the requirements of their state. With our experienced staff, we will assist you in both submitting and tracking your state's required legal documents to protect your lien rights, and help with your receivables. We strive to work with your subcontractors and contractors, no matter what size the construction company, to ensure payment by utilizing existing lien laws as leverage to make sure you get payment, along with securing lien rights. Give us a call or check out our website to learn more about us, or see what sets us apart from other companies here.