Protect Your Receivables. Empower Your Collections Department. Get Paid.

45% of all construction related business reported significantly higher unpaid receivables last year than the year before. The use of Mechanics Lien Law will assist you in protecting your assets and revenues before an account can become a problem. In the event that it does become a problem, you have many more options to pursue and secure payment. We are highly experienced in this process and complete Notices Nationwide in all 50 states. Don't lose your lien rights. Protect your receivables and ensure that you get paid!

Trust our Professionals

Nationwide Notice is a full and self-service preliminary notice and lien service company. We can establish and assert your lien rights on any project large or small. Our group of highly trained professionals is expert in securing your lien rights to ensure that payments are made to you according to your terms. We understand that securing your lien rights can make the critical difference between getting paid and not getting paid.

Those with lien rights or active liens on property will invariably get their bills paid long before those that don't have that crucial level of protection. Many of our customers use our service as an essential element in their collections process that helps to insure that they get paid. We turn your collections department, often one of a company's weakest areas into one of its strongest by taking the leverage away from your customer and placing it with you.

Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and resources to enable you to increase your capacity to resolve your collection problems, improve your collection effectiveness, significantly reduce your company's risk, protect and secure your accounts receivable and improve your bottom line. In today's economy, it is essential to take advantage of every tool to strengthen your company's collections effectiveness. Nationwide Notice is an invaluable asset to your company's credit team. We look forward to welcoming you as a client.


  • True nationwide company servicing all 50 states and the District of Columbia.
  • User friendly expansive online database where you can request, track, and search all documents.
  • View your completed notices and all other requested documents online.
  • Support for larger companies with multiple branches and subsidiaries.
  • Cost effective - a small fraction of the cost of not being paid.
  • Track postal delivery confirmation on our website.
  • Automated reminder emails sent at your request.
  • Industry leading customer service and support.
  • Errors and Omissions Insurance for your peace of mind.
  • Electronic Filing of Recordable documents where available
  • Data entry service for those clients too busy to enter orders in our system.
  • Release of Liens prepared and printed in seconds.
  • Print Q for Texas customers allows for order changes and cancelation up to the point orders are printed for mailing.
  • Texas noticing is made easy with us. We make the complex Texas lien laws user friendly and easy to manage.
  • Order Automation linking your servers to ours streamlining the order request process for higher volume clients.
  • Se Habla Español